Eoghan Rua

Case overview

Eoghan Rua is a regional GAA club situated in the North Coast region of Northern Ireland. Recently, they approached us regarding their current website, which had become outdated over the past decade and had not undergone any recent updates. Our assistance was requested in developing a modernised, responsive website with a streamlined and contemporary aesthetic.

Our Approach

In early 2021, Eoghan Rua enlisted our services to embark on the re-development of their existing website. Their primary objective was to establish a contemporary and responsive online presence that could effectively disseminate pertinent information to the club members, general public, and businesses pertaining to the club and its events.

To achieve this, we began by conducting a comprehensive overhaul of the previous website, completely removing it and starting afresh with a clean slate. The design adopted for the new site was clean and uncluttered, incorporating the club’s colors for aesthetic consistency. All relevant club information was meticulously curated and incorporated into the new site, including editable fixture lists, as well as embedded Derry GAA fixture lists from derrygaa.ie.

Furthermore, we seamlessly migrated the site to our in-house hosting platform, allowing us to provide ongoing maintenance and updates on a daily basis.

The Results

They have now seen a surge in sales, and traffic to the website. They have saved time in both advertising cars and also in processing finance application forms.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Increase in page views